A Complete Timeline of Deportivo Toluca F.C. Vs Club América

You’ve experienced it. The anticipation increases as the match draws closer the familiar excitement and enthusiasm between two teams. If Deportivo Toluca faces off against Club America, all of Mexico will be watching. The two titans in Mexican soccer have been fighting for more than a century and their battles are story of legends.

For those who are not a fan The history of this legendary rivalry may be confusing to follow. There have been a myriad of twists and twists, heroes and villains as well as heartbreaks and triumphs through the decades. But don’t worry, our team has covered it all. In this comprehensive timeline we’ll guide through each section in The Toluca-Americastory. From their first game in 1916 until their most recent clash You’ll be able to relive the crucial moments that created the Mexico’s most fierce rivalry.

So, grab your scarf and pour yourself an icy drink and prepare to be awestruck by the excitement and excitement in the Deportivo Toluca vs Club America rivalry. This is your complete access into one of the biggest rivalries in the game of football. We are counting down to our next game is now on!

The Birth of a Rivalry: 1916-1940

This rivalry between Deportivo Toluca and Club America is among the most fierce of all in Mexican football. It began more than 100 years ago, back in 1916. In 1916 the sport was still gaining recognition in Mexico. Toluca as well as America were among the first professional clubs and their loyal supporters helped grow the popularity of the sport.

In the beginning the matches in the early days between Toluca as well as America were generally friendly. However, tensions began to escalate during the 20th century. America dominance of In the initial division claiming five championships over the course of six years. Toluca supporters viewed Toluca as arrogant. America fans saw Toluca as a slouch.

In the 1930s, rivalry grew. The matches were tense physical games, and fans and players alike exchanged insults. In 1936, America trounced Toluca 8-1, fueling Toluca’s resentment. The following time, Toluca got revenge, winning 6-3 against America by a score of 6-3.

The golden era of Clasico Joven (the “young classic”) was in the 1940s. Both clubs featured the best athletes and had league powerhouses. The games were often thrilling, such as the victory by America in 1941, which was 4-3 and Toluca’s win of 3-2 in 1948. The energy on the field was unmatched.

For the initial 25 years, America had the upper hand with more titles and wins. However, Toluca had earned the respect of their opponent. A legendary rivalry was born and was destined to be one of the most prestigious in the game. It was the Clasico Joven was here to remain.

Deportivo Toluca F.C. Vs Club América

The Golden Years: 1940-1970

The 30-year period that ran from 1940 and 1970 were most successful years for the crosstown rivals. Many some of the greatest football games were played during this time.

Through the 40s Toluca And America were equally matched, both winning three championships. The decade was capped off by a an epic final match in 1949 and Toluca triumphing to claim their fifth title.
The 1950s were the decade of America which have won a staggering six championships in the decade. Their star-studded team comprised of players like Horacio Casarin, and Jose Villegas, dominated the league. America’s popularity and flamboyant style of play drew huge audiences and increased their popularity.
The 1960s saw rivalries was intensified as teams fought for the new Copa Mexico. America was the winner of the first three Copas but Toluca won revenge by beating America at the end of 1967’s Copa. The next season, Toluca took their league crown for the first time in 19 years after beating America in a game.
The 1970s saw the resurgence of Toluca and the team that won three championships during the decade. An influx of skilled players such as Alfredo del Aguila and Miguel Mejia Baron helped Toluca to great success. However, America struggled, winning only one championship in 1970.
With eight league titles and 3 Copas in this time The golden years brought many memorable moments during the legendary rivalry between Toluca and America. The years of dominance stars, top players, and dramatic finals confirmed the fervor of fans for both clubs.

The Dark Ages: 1970-1990

In this period of 20 years in which Clasico Joven was dominated by America winning 15 out of the 22 matches played. Toluca was able to win only 3 matches and the other 4 games ended in draws. It was a period of battle to Los Diablos Rojos.

Toluca suffered a disastrous decade during the 70s and finished in the bottom third of the table in 7 out of 10 seasons. Contrastingly, America won 3 league championships during this period. The 1980s started the same way and ended similarly, with Toluca being second in the league in the 1980-81 season and America also winning a championship in 1983-84.

Things started to improve in the case of Toluca in the latter part of the ’80s. In 1988-89, they placed third in the league, their best finish in more than 15 years. In the following season they reached the semifinals of tournaments for only the second time and showed they were beginning to be serious contenders once more. However, America got the better of them in their games winning all four games that were played between 1988 and 1990.

The 70s and 80s were rough times for Tolucanos, with higher lows, but lower highs. In their games against America they were regularly overwhelmed and outplayed. Los Diablos Rojos struggled to achieve stability and consistency and stability, undergoing numerous coaching changes throughout the period. However, America was the dominant player during Liga MX, winning 5 titles between 1970 and the year 1990.

For Toluca the 90s could not arrive fast enough. The decade to come would bring the fortunes of both clubs and the club would see Toluca becoming an unstoppable force and America having a long title drought. It was the Clasico Joven was set to be a more competitive and evenly-matched event.

The Renaissance: 1990-2000

The 1990s were a time of rebirth in the history of Deportivo Toluca. After years of turmoil and decline the team finally found stability and even success. Under the direction of manager Enrique Meza, Toluca won two league championships while establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with.

The First Championship (1992-1993)

In the 1992-1993 season Toluca was the first team to win a league title in a dramatic manner. As the final game day approached, Toluca trailed leaders Puebla by two points. But, Puebla lost their final game but Toluca beat Pachuca to take the title with just one point. The striker Gabriel Caballero scored the winning goal that sparked wild celebrations.

The Double (1998)

Five years after, Toluca achieved even greater success. They took home two championships, in the Verano as well as the Invierno championships, completing one of the most successful “double” to be achieved in Liga MX history. For the Verano Final, Toluca won over Necaxa on penalties following a 0-0 draw. In the Invierno final was an exciting victory for Toluca, 3-2 against Cruz Azul after extra time and Caballero also scoring the winner.

Other highlights from the past decade:

Toluca began the debut Copa Libertadores appearance in 1995 making it to the semifinals.
The midfielder Antonio “Sinha” Naelson joined in 1996. He became an icon of the club and played over 300 games during two spells with Toluca.
A young forward Ivan Zamorano scored 34 goals between 1992 and 1994 prior to his move from Real Madrid. Real Madrid.
Toluca relocated to the new stadium, Estadio Nemesio Diez, in 1993. The stadium continues to be used to this day and is dubbed “La Bombonera” (The Chocolate Box) because of its shape.
The 1990s marked the beginning of Toluca as an important player to reckon with in Mexican football. Two league championships as well as a new stadium The club was set to continue its success. Rivalry between the club and Club America also intensified during this period and set the stage for more dramatic games to follow.

The New Millennium: 2000-2010

In the new century, there were some exciting changes in this team, Clasico Joven. Both teams experienced an influx of highly skilled players that increased the quality of play and the intensity of their competition.

Increased Competition

In the beginning of 2000 the league expanded due to the addition of new teams, creating an increased level of competition. Toluca and America needed to compete harder to make it into the playoffs and also win championships. The player’s quality also increased, because teams began to look at players outside Mexico to find talent. The higher salaries attracted talented footballers and players coming from South America and Europe.

Memorable Moments

The most exciting games among Toluca and America were played during this time. At the 2003 Apertura playoffs, Toluca came back from an aggregate deficit of 3-1 to prevail 4-3 in aggregate and a 3-0 win on the Estadio Azteca. This year’s Clausura final is regarded as one of the greatest ever in the history of the league. America beat Mexico 3-1 in the Estadio Azteca in a dramatic game that was not settled until the last few minutes.

New Stadiums

Both teams relocated to new stadiums during the 2000s. Toluca left Estadio Luis “Pirata” Fuente for Estadio Nemesio Diez in 2003. America had their last game on Estadio Azteca in 2008 before shifting into Estadio Azteca in 1993. The new facilities offer greater comfort for fans as well as increased revenue on match days.

The 2000s were an era of greatness in the Clasico Joven. Star players, close matches and the new stadiums enthralled fans from Toluca as well as America. Their intense rivalry thrived in an the ever-competitive league, establishing it to be one of the highly sought-after matches on the calendar of Mexican football. The next decade would bring more drama and excitement between the two bitter rivals.

The Last Decade: 2010-2020

This rivalry among Deportivo Toluca and Club America increased in the decade of 2010. Many of the decade’s most memorable and intensely fought games occurred during this time.

2010-2012: Toluca Dominates

From 2010 until 2012 Toluca was ahead in winning 5 of seven league games against America with an 3-0 win in 2011. In this time, Toluca won back-to-back league championships in 2011 and 2010 and 2011 while America was struggling, and never finishing more than third.

2013-2015: The Pendulum Swings

The trend changed in 2013 when America defeated 4 times straight their competitors with a 2-0 victory at 2013. Apertura final to win the league title. America also eliminated Toluca out of 2015’s Copa MX final. After being under attack for two seasons, Toluca finally beat America by 1-0 in the month of April, 2015.

2016-2018: Things Even Out

In the subsequent 3 seasons The teams exchanged wins, with each team getting 4 wins. The games were a tight contest and five of the eight matches decided by a single goal. America triumphed in an exciting 4-3 match in September of 2017 that featured three goals scored in the last 10 minutes.

2019-2020: America Surges Again

America has recently gained the advantage, winning in the past five league matches, winning 3 and two draws. They also beat Toluca during the 2018 Copa MX final. But, Toluca did get revenge in the 2020 Copa por Mexico, a preseason tournament, winning the win by 2-1.

The rivalry between Toluca and America remains among the most intense in Liga MX. Because their stadiums are just 2 hours apart, the fans of both clubs are living together, causing tensions. The decade between 2010 and 2020 was the time when the rivalry was at its most intense and the momentum shifted from one team to the other. There are more thrilling chapters waiting to be written within this long-running tale.

Memorable Moments

The First Meeting (1943)

The first time the two clubs that were a powerhouse met in 1943, although the rivalry didn’t develop into a real competition until after the 50s. However, the first meeting set the tone for the intensity that would follow. Deportivo Toluca won 3-2, which indicated it was clear that Club America had a worthy opponent. They didn’t realize this would develop to be one of the most intense competitions in Liga MX.

The Golden Years (1950s-1970s)

The 1950s and 1970s were the best years of rivalry, with both clubs enjoying great success and often playing in significant games. Some of the most memorable matches included:

The 1957 final was that was won by Toluca to claim their first league championship.
The 1966 final was took place by America for their seventh title.
The semi-final of 1975 was winning by America after extra time before losing to Toluca to win the title in the end.
These years firmly established the rivalry within Mexican football legend. The fans were conditioned to expect excitement, drama and surprise every time these two teams played.

Recent Renewal (2000s-Present)

In recent times the rivalry has seen an upswing, with more often and significant games. Highlights include:

The semi-final of 2002 was which was won to Toluca during extra time, before taking the title in the final.
The semi-final of 2007 was the winner was America by a shootout penalty.
The 2013 quarterfinal was won by Toluca after an incredible comeback of 3-2 at the end of the first leg.
The semi-final in 2018 was took place in the hands of America in a dramatic match that ended in the last few minutes in the 2nd leg.
Although the glory days may be a distant memory but the rivalry is as hot as ever. Any game that takes place between Deportivo Toluca and Club America is a must-see soccer game, as the passion of the fans and the intensity of the field create a unique experience. The past is long-lasting for these two great clubs from Mexico.

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All-Time Top Scorers

In competition between Deportivo Toluca and Club America certain players have made their names in the record books as all-time best scorers. They hammered away at the defenses of their opponents and attracted fans with their goalscoring exploits.

Alfredo Tena

Alfredo Tena played his entire 15-year playing career with Club America, scoring 141 goals in 436 games from 1976 and 1991. He was dubbed “El Capitan,” Tena was instrumental in helping America achieve six league championships and was the team’s top scorer, scoring three goals. His record of goals scored was in place for more than 20 years, until it was broke through Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco

A Mexican one of the most renowned athletes, Cuauhtemoc Blanco played for America for three seasons from 1992 and 2010. In that span Cuauhtemoc Blanco scored more than 125 league goals and was America’s second highest scoring player in history. Blanco was well-known for his charismatic style playing along with his distinctive “Cuauhtemina” movement. He was instrumental in helping America to win five league titles as well as 2 CONCACAF Champions Cups.

Carlos Hermosillo

Carlos Hermosillo played eight seasons in America between 1988 and 1996 He scored 107 goals over 241 games. The nickname was “El Matador,” Hermosillo was a dangerous striker who took home 2 league scoring championships, and also contributed to America to win three league titles. His team with Blanco created an impressive attacking team which smashed defenses.

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Jose Saturnino Cardozo

To Toluca, Jose Saturnino Cardozo is the club’s top all-time goal scorer, with a large distance. The Paraguayan striker was a part of Toluca from 1996 until 2007 and scored 249 goals over 390 matches in all occasions. The nickname was “El Diablo,” Cardozo was awarded five league scoring awards as well as assisted Toluca achieve five league titles, and 3 CONCACAF Champions Cups. The record for goals scored by Toluca is still in force and will never be broken.

The legendary goal scorers have defined that rivalry among America in the United States and Toluca. Their dazzling scoring feats, impressive style of play, and winning championships have written their names into the legends in one of Mexico’s intense rivalries.

Deportivo Toluca F.C. Vs Club America Timeline FAQs

Deportivo Toluca F.C. as well as Club America have a long and rich relationship within Liga MX. If you’re new to the sport of these two clubs, you might have some questions about their past. Here are a few of the most frequently-asked questions about the Toluca America vs. Toluca America timeline:

What year did the competition start?

This rivalry among Toluca and America started in 1967, when Toluca was elevated to the highest division. The first game of the two teams took place on the 6th of August in 1967, and America winning 1-1.

The number of times that they’ve played one with each

In the year 2021 Toluca And America have played each other in more than 200 official matches across all tournaments. America has the upper hand in wins with 88 against Toluca’s 65.

Which are the best and most famous matches?

A few of the best games of the rivalry are:

1997 Verano final The final of the 1997 Verano final Toluca was the first team to win the league title after defeating America in an penalty shootout.
In 2002, the Apertura final The 2002 Apertura final America won revenge, defeating Toluca 3-1 on aggregate to claim the title.
The Bicentenario final in 2010 was a triumph for Toluca. Toluca was crowned the 10th league championship, beating a deficit in the first leg to defeat America.
In 2013, the Apertura semifinal The 2013 Apertura semifinal America came back from a 3-1 initial defeat to beat Toluca in a stunning fashion.

Who stood out from the midst of the battle?

Some of the players who were prominent in the rivalry between Toluca and America are:

Enrique Borja

America legend who scored numerous goals against Toluca

Christian Benitez – Former America striker who scored often in games against Toluca
Sinha Former Toluca midfielder who was known for his ability to control the midfield in America
Antonio Naelson – Former Toluca goalkeeper renowned for penalty kicks that were awe-inspiring against America
This rivalry between Deportivo Toluca and Club America is among the most fervent of all Mexican football. Their regular, intensely contested and important matches throughout time have resulted in an intense rivalry which appears likely to last for a long time to be.

There you go the entire timeline that outlines one of Mexico’s largest rivalries in football. Deportivo Toluca and Club America have been fighting for more than 50 years as part of Liga MX, creating many unforgettable moments in the process. As the competition grows more intense and grow, there will be plenty of thrilling games and exciting stories to come. Whatever side you are on it is important to recognize the devotion and enthusiasm of the fans and understand that competitions like these are what make football such a fascinating sport. If you are next to see the two titans of Mexican football play, make sure to be tuned in because you don’t know when you will be witnessing history being made.

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